BizTech Mantra - 06 Feb 2K18
……unveil the technical tycoons....

A Zeal initiative to showcase Technical and Management skills

BizTech Mantra 2K18

We all are gifted naturally with diverse skills including Technical and Management skills and we all need a platform to showcase our talent. Keeping this in mind Zeal Education Society’s, Zeal Institute of Business Administration, Computer Application & Research, Narhe, Pune is organizing an event Tech Mantra 2K18……unveil the technical tycoons within on Wednesday 06th Feb 2K18 .Along with this various eminent speakers will share their views on the Career Opportunities and recent development of the Technologies.

Technical skills

Todays’ generation is smarter and eager to change the typical stereotyped values, with their brighter and innovative suggestions which they have intend to contribute to the world. The students of Zeal have highly contributed to the vision of making Pune -A Smart city. Zeal believes in the overall development of the students, so the each activity is for the students , by the students for the development of Technical and Managerial skills. Along with this various eminent speakers will share their views on the Career Opportunities and recent development of the Technologies.

Management skills

Dr. Amod Markale , Director, ZIBACAR, aims at holistic development of students so that they are prepared for the employment in the corporate world and are successful in their career. Hon. Shri. Jayesh S. Katkar, Executive Director, ZES believes in the world beyond class room and gives an opportunity to every Students to unveil the Technical Tycoons within. All faculties of MCA & MBA department are putting their whole hearted efforts to make the event a successful.Along with this various eminent speakers will share their views on the Career Opportunities and recent development of the Technologies.

Common Rules

1.The competition is open to all MCA/MBA/BCA /B.Sc. IT /B.Sc. Computer science /BCS/BBA/B Com/BA final year students.

2. Registration fee per game is Rs. 50 per student.Registration with Rs 100 student can paticipate in Max 3 Games

3. All the candidates will get participation certificates.

4. There will be first and second Cash prizes for Colleges depend on Max Participations. and 1 st and 2 nd prizes for each EVENT.

5. Once you register for the event, indicate your acceptance that the organizers decision will be final and binding.

7. Lunch, Tea and Snacks will be provided.

8. For Registration contact Prabhat:-9404965243, Pratiksha:- 9011502288, Tejesh:- 7030455515, Sehar:- 9096262621

Events & Rules

Paint-O-Graphy Rules


Paint-O-Graphy Rules

Team size: 2(One who will paint and the other whose face will be painted)

Time limit: 1 hour

Venue: Dance Studio, J Building

Rules & Regulations:

1. Theme will be given on the spot.

2. Materials should be carried along with you.

3. Materials will not be provided on the spot.

4. Institutes will not be responsible in case of any Color infection on any part of body.

Event Coordinators:

Prof. PandurangPatil - 7522914761

Prof. Madhavi Shamkuwar - 7030777790

Battle of Brush Rules


Battle of Brush Rules

Team size: Max. 3 (Only one Poster per team or Individual will be accepted)

Time limit: 1 hour (12.00 noon to 1.00 p.m.)4

Report to the coordinators: between 11.15 am to 11.30 am.4

Venue: ZIBACAR Conference Hall4

Rules & Regulations:4

1. The Poster should be designed by HAND or it can be in a Printed form.

2. Theme for Poster:-Use of Technology in Business

3. Poster size: A3 sheets (11.7 x 16.5 inches) Candidates have to bring Poster on their own.

4. Please leave two inches of space from all the sides for mounting of the poster.

5. You should be able to explain your poster to the Jury at Venue.

6. The Poster will be retained by the organizers.

7. Judging criteria: effective use of innovation style, creativity, effective conveying of message.

8. Jury’s decision is the final decision.

9. All rights of Poster Presentation Competition are reserved with Institute/Organizers.

Design Tips:

There are two elements in a poster: text and graphics. Text includes titles, subheadings, captions, labels and “body text”—the narrative. Graphics can include maps, charts, diagrams, illustrations or photographs, collage, 3D printings or oil paints etc.

Event Coordinators:

Prof. Ashish Vyas - 9422366894

T- Spirit Rules


T- Spirit Rules

EventVenue: Basketball Ground

1. It’s a team based event(2- 5 members per team)

2. “N” no. of team per college

3. As per game rules can be differ

4. Time 10-15 minutes

Event Coordinators:

Prof. Vaibhav Kulkarni - 9822186725

Game Jockey Rules


Game Jockey Rules


Team size: 5 Members per team

Time limit: 1 hour

Venue: IFC Lab, Central Placement Building

Rules & Regulations:

1. Winning a round:

a. Team that kills all the members of the opposition team.

b. If Terrorists successfully bomb a base.

c. If bomb is successfully diffused then Counter Terrorists.


Team size: 4 Players play at a time.

Time limit: 1 hour

Rules & Regulations:

1. The game has to be played only on keyboard. Any other controllers are not permitted.

2. Winning a race:

a. Sprint/Circuit: Winner is the person who finishes the race first.

b. Speed Trap/Lap KnockOut: Winner is the person who finishes first or covers the most

distance, if no one finishes the race.

Event Coordinators:

Prof. Satyavan Khandagale - 9423968657

Student Coordinator:

Imam Nadaf

Ashish Kawade

puzzle Dazzle


puzzle Dazzle Rules

Team size: Minimum 2 Maximum 10

Venue: D Building

Time limit:

• Maximum time allocated to cross the river will be 20 minutes &

• 5 minutes for path presentation after successful completion.

Event Coordinator:

Dr. Pravin Mahamuni – 8421339971

Prof. Akash Shinde - 9767567711

Zealfie Rules


Zealfie Rules

Description: Selfie- capturing Zeal Campus Infrastructure with description involving “Zeal Institute” as keyword and message

Venue: Zeal Campus, Ground Floor

Evaluation parameters:

1. Use tagline line preceding to message: #Zeal_Zealfie

2. Unique Message as description of Zealfie

3. Presence of Zeal Institute keyword in message

4. Score of Share, Comments and Likes on Facebook

5. Selection of Zealfie (photograph)

6. Emphasis of photograph of Zeal’s Infrastructure


1. Students can use props.

2. Students cannot include any of Zeal’s staff/faculty member.


The team will be disqualified when team is found:

- Risking their lives.

- Damage any of Zeal’s property.

- Making noise in Campus.

- Vulgar messages or poses

Event Co-ordinators:

Prof. Madhavi Shamkuwar - 7030777790

Prof. Anil Poman - 9372917686

Mad 4 AD Rules


Mad 4 AD Rules

Team size: Minimum 5 Maximum 8

Time limit: 5 min for Preparation & 5 min for Enacting

Venue: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Auditorium

Rules & Regulations:

1. ‘N’ Number of Teams Per College.

2. Topic Will be Provided On the Spot

Event Coordinators:

Prof. Vaibhav Kulkarni -9822186725

BizPlan Rules


BizPlan Rules

Subject: Automation

Team size - Minimum 3 Maximum 5

Venue: Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Auditorium

Rules & Regulations:

1. Aspirants are requested to submit a complete business plan for a "New idea" with automation as a central theme for any industry (e.g. Manufacturing, Retail, banking, insurance, etc).

2. The proposal must be in PPT format with at least following four components as a part of strategy:

• Finance proposal

• Role of IT

• Role of Sales and marketing.

• HR requirements

3. Aspirants can include other components of strategy as needed.

4. Selection Criteria: Successful proposal will be adjudged based upon

• Feasibility of idea,

• Cohesiveness and correlation between various components of the strategy,

• Optimal usage of resources and aggressive timelines.

Event Co-ordinators:

Prof. Anil Poman - 9372917686

Mind Maze Rules


Mind Maze Rules

Team size:1

Time Limit: 45 minutes.

Venue: IFC Lab, Central Placement Building

1. Only individual aspirant can participate.

2. Online test consisting of 19 questions for 20 marks.

3. Last question will be descriptive and compulsory for 2 marks.

4. 19 questions will be of objective type for 18 marks.

5. Electronic devices will not be not allowed.

6. Any type of book or material will not be allowed.

7. Final winner will be judged on:

• Completion of test on time.

• Objective type question’s answers.

• Descriptive answer.

Event Coordinators:

Prof. Audumbar Kabade - 9595986033
Manoj Jakhale
Bhavesh Zendekar
Varsha Choughule
Mayuri Patil

Code-O-Holic Rules


Code-O-Holic Rules

Team size: Minimum 1 and Maximum 3

Venue: IFC Lab, Central Placement Building

Rules & Regulations:

Website Development

1. This contest is based on HTML, CSS, java Scripts.

2. Each Team will be provided with a pack of images , text, and other content

3. The theme for web design will be provided on the spot.

4. Time duration 60 min.

5. The required tools for web design will be available to each participant during the event time in Lab.

6. Pre-prepared templates and internet access are not allowed.

7. Once you register for the event, indicate your acceptance that the organizers decision will be final.

App Development

1. The Contest is for innovative mobile applications utilizing any Computing architecture (stand-alone, client/server, client/proxy/server, peer-to peer/.

2. Applications should develop in Android and HTML5. All applications must be demonstrated with real devices.

4. Participants are required to submit their full proposals during the Submission Period.

5. The proposal should be in PDF format include the following within this 1 page :

• Name of the application:

• Developer’s names and email

• Users:

• Application description :

• Innovation :

Event Coordinators:

Dharmendra Singh -9823333382

Our Team

Pratiksha Hogale

Prabhat Khobarekar

Tejesh Chavan